Marco Luppichini

luppichini marco

Research focuses on coastal geomorphology and the effects of climate change on the territory. These researches are aimed at improving paleo environmental reconstructions and man-environment interaction. Particular emphasis was placed on natural and anthropogenic climate changes with their social effects.
The main focus is on the Versilia area (North-Western Tuscany) characterized by strong anthropogenic pressure. The studies concern the reconstruction of the main meteorological historical series of the last 150 years or so. These are sought to correlate with long-term climate models for reconstruction of the past and for hypothesizing future scenarios.
To fully understand the climatic and environmental variables of the area, surface runoff models are developed using artificial intelligence techniques.

  • Climate Change
  • Coastal Erosion
  • Remote Sensing
  • Geographic Information System analysis

Research project: Effects of climate change and anthropogenic impact on the Versilia-Pisan coastal plain. Multidisciplinary approach and new technologies for sustainable development of vulnerable territories


Professor Monica Bini
Professor Roberto Giannecchini

Marco Luppichini

Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
Università di Pisa
Via Santa Maria 53
56126 Pisa