Marta Lazzaroni

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Since my bachelor thesis I was working both in the field and in laboratory, we used stable isotopes and U/Th for dating the speleothems and use them for a paleoclimatic reconstruction of the last 10000 years of the Rio Martino cave (Piedmont, Italy). Later on, I moved in Mexico for a training period focused on the mapping of caves in the Rio La Venta basin. I also participated to several extracurricular courses and schools. My MSc thesis, was focused on an environmental issue related to the contamination of boron in a shallow aquifer in Arezzo (Italy). With my second level master thesis, I used Earth Observation techniques for understand the evolution of a road in Ecuador. My experience at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, was focused on topics such as Water Harvesting, Nature Based Solutions and Innovative Technologies for waters management inside a Life project.
Actually I am PhD student and part of the research group who work in the Laboratories of Fluid and Rock Geochemistry and Stables Isotopes of Department of Earth Science of Florence. My work is focus on the mercury pollution in every matrix, his fate, transport, analytical methodologies and remediation strategies.

  • Mercury
  • Mine drainage
  • Environmental pollution
  • Human exposure to polluters
  • Computational geochemistry
  • Methods and remediation strategies
  • GIS and remote sensing applications
  • Geo-biologic interactions

Research project: Investigating Hg dispersion in the environment: the experience from the former mining area of Abbadia San Salvatore (Siena, Central Italy) between research and remediation perspectives of natural and anthropic matrices.


Professor Orlando Vaselli

Marta Lazzaroni

Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
Università di Firenze
Via G. La Pira n. 4
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