TEOREM deciphering geological processes using Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial ORE Minerals

Coordinatore: Luca Bindi (coordinatore nazionale - UniFi), Cristian Biagioni (coordinatore DST-UniPi)

Ente finanziatore: MIUR - prot. 2017AK8C32

Budget: 330 630 €.

Partners: Prof. Luca Bindi (coordinatore nazionale, Università di Firenze), Dott. Andrea Dini (responsabile unità ricerca IGG-CNR, Pisa)

Durata: marzo 2019 - maggio 2023

The project aims at characterizing the crystal-chemistry and geochemistry of ore minerals, in order to achieve a better knowledge of these minerals and to constrain their role in Earth Science, in Environmental issues, as well as in Materials Sciences.

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/teorem/home?authuser=0