XXXIII CICLO (sede amministrativa Università di Firenze)

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Bianco Francesco

Micropaleontologic and sedimentologic study of marine sediment cores in the Polar regions in the last 2 ka.

Tutor: Dott. Paolo Conti (UNISI)

Costa Simone

The active plumbing system of La Fossa (Vulcano, Italy): clues to mafic-silicic magma interactions and the link with the magmatic-hydrothermal environment.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Anna Gioncada (UNIPI)

Gabellini Pietro

The genesis, transport and deposition of volcanic ash in the context of Vulcanian activity.

Tutor: Prof. Raffaello Cioni (UNIFI)

Gamboa Sojo Viviana Maria

Late Quaternary paleoceanographic variations in the eastern Greenland Sea, Barents Sea and Spitsbergen fjords inferred by the foraminiferal assemblages and sedimentological records

Tutor: Prof.ssa Caterina Morigi (UNIPI)

Innocenti Lorenzo

Seismic interferometry and volcanic tremor  linked to explosive regimes.

Tutor: Dott. Maurizio Ripepe (UNIFI)

La Rosa Alessandro

Strain partitioning between border faults and axial magmatic segments in the Afar rift.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Carolina Pagli (UNIPI)

Luti Tania

Land monitoring through optical and radar remote sensing.

Tutor: Prof. Nicola Casagli (UNIFI)

Manca Rosarosa

Non-invasive, scientific analysis of 19th-20th-century gold jewellery and maiolica. A contribution to technical art history and authenticity studies.

Tutor: Prof. Marco Benvenuti (GEO/09)(UNIFI)

Mondanaro Alessandro

The legacy of humanity on the Biosphere at multiple scales.

Tutor: Prof. Lorenzo Rook (UNIFI)

Montalti Roberto

Regional scale satellite monitoring for hydrogeological risk reduction.

Tutor: Prof. Filippo Catani (UNIFI)

Nania Laura

Kinematics, non-coaxial flow and time constraints of the STDS and the MCT in central Himalaya.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Chiara Montomoli (UNIPI)

Risica Gilda

The contribution of Palaeomagnetism in Volcanology for dating of Holocene eruptions and estimating the emplacement temperature of pyroclastic flows. Application on Tenerife and El Hierro (Canary Islands) and on Volcán El Fuego (Guatemala).

Tutor: Dott. Fabio Speranza (INGV, Roma)

Salusti Alessandro

Development and application of Bayesian algorithms for reservoir characterization.

Tutor: Dr. Mattia Aleardi (UNIPI)

Sauro Graziano Roberta

Watersheds as complex dissipative geochemical systems: stability, variability and resilience. Theory and practical applications.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Antonella Buccianti (UNIFI)

Shan Monan

Permafrost deformation monitoring using time series InSAR technique and its effect on environmental change in northern China.

Tutor: Prof. Nicola Casagli (UNIFI)

Sugimura Shunsuke  

Dynamics of small repetitive eruptions at Stromboli volcano as inferred from seismic and acoustic analyses.

Tutor: Prof. Takeshi Nishimura  (Tohoku Univ.), Dott. Maurizio Ripepe (UNIFI) Double Degree Agreement with Tohoku Univ., Japan

Turchi Agnese

Geo-enviromental risk analysis for a sustainable local territorial management.

Tutor: Prof. Riccardo Fanti (UNIFI)