Edoardo Sanità

Edoardo Sanita


Edoardo Sanità got his Master degree in June 2019, with a Thesis entitled “Relationships between Helminthoid Flysch and Briançonnais Units along the Italian-French border (Marguareis Massif, Maritime Alps)”. Edoardo Sanità dis the Erasmus student at the CNRS of Sophia Antipolis (Nizza, France) during the September-October 2019, where he focused on the Ar/Ar-based geochronological methods. Since November 2019 he is a PhD student of the University of Florence. The Edoardo Sanità research activity is mainly focused on the study of the very low-grade units deformed and metamorphosed at shallow structural levels from different areas, in particular, on the southwestern Alps and Northern Apennines. In the Northern Apennines the researches concentrate on the structural and tectonic evolution of the Tuscan Nappe and on the stratigraphic and structural evolution of the sedimentary cover of the ophiolites involved in the Eo-Mesoalpine accretionary prism. In the southwestern Alps, Edoardo Sanità’s research mainly concerns on the relationships between Helminthoid Flysch and Briançonnais Units involved in the Alpine wedge, with special attention to their sedimentary and structural histories.

  • Structural geology
  • Sedimentary evolution
  • Shallow levels tectonics
  • Provenance
  • Ar/Ar dating

Research project: The complexity of shallow levels tectonics during continental collision: evidence from the boundary between Maritime and Ligurian Alps.


Professor Luca Pandolfi
Professor Jean Marc Lardeaux

Edoardo Sanità

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