The Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Geology is a first cycle degree programme offered by the University of Pisa and delivered in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The programme is in English.

The BSc in Geology will train graduates with strong skills to support professional activities aimed at thematic cartography production, laboratory characterization of geomaterials, exploration for energy, mineral, and water resources.

In addition, the graduate will have skills to collaborate effectively on projects addressed to evaluation and mitigation of geological and environmental risks. The students will be trained in the collection, analysis, and synthesis of data in the fields of geology, geophysics, petrography, mineralogy, paleontology, geochemistry, geomorphology, stratigraphy, and hydrogeology.

The BSc in Geology is three years-long, each year divided into two semesters. To achieve the degree, the student must acquire 180 credits (CFU), 60 for each year.

The student's commitment to acquire 1 CFU is equivalent to 8 hours of lectures, or 12 hours of laboratory activities or 16 hours of practical activity in the field, plus an average number of hours of personal study to contribute to a total of 25 hours for each CFU.

The total of 180 credits is divided as follows:

  • 45 CFU for basic formative activities, such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Introduction to Geology.
  • 90 CFU for characteristic formative activities, such as Mineralogy, Petrography, Paleontology, Geochemistry, Geomorphology, Geophysics, Geological survey, Georesources, Hydrogeology.
  • 18 CFU for affine or integrative activities, such as Regional Geology, Georesources, interdisciplinary field practical activities.
  • 12 CFU for activities freely-chosen by the student, which can be obtained by choosing: (i) any formative activity among the courses offered at the University of Pisa, whose correspondence with the formative project is subjected to the approval of the BSc Program Board; (ii) one of the Recommended Formative Activities for which consistency with the formative project is automatically verified; (iii) further 6 CFU to integrate the final exam.
  • 6 CFU of internship (industrial practise).
  • 3 CFU of written and oral communication skills in English on geological topics.
  • 6 CFU of preparation for final exam (Thesis).

In addition to solid theoretical and methodological foundations, the BSc in geology therefore guarantees an outgoing cultural profile characterized by strong applicative aptitudes, especially in the field of research/exploitation of georesources, along with skills for the assessment of geological/environmental risks and possible strategies for their mitigation.

These cultural and professional characteristics represent a novelty compared to those of graduates in most of the first level degree courses in Geological Sciences (L-34).


Lesson in a classroom

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Practical activity in a field excursion