XXXIV CICLO (sede amministrativa Università di Pisa)

XXXIV CICLO  (sede amministrativa Università di Pisa)
Nominativo                                                          E-mail Tema di ricerca e Tutor
Alderighi Linda

Human-Induced hazard and cultural heritage of quarry dump deposits (ravaneti) in the Apuan Alps.

Tutor: Prof. Carlo Baroni (UNIPI)

Antonucci Andrea

Optimization of the use of macroseisimic data in Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA).

Tutor: Prof. Dario Albarello (UNISI)

Aquino Andrea

Decay of natural and artificial stones used in historical buildings: influence of mineralogy and mcrostructure and new restoration methods.

Tutor: Prof. Marco Lezzerini (UNIPI)

Borghini Alessandra

Construction and validation of a global path for teaching Geological Sciences.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Elena Bonaccorsi (UNIPI)

Bruni Rebecca

Analysis of the seismicity in the Mugello basin and nearby areas.

Tutor: Dott. Gilberto Saccorotti (INGV Pisa)

Campanale Fabrizio

Electron diffraction analyses of nano-crystalline phases in planetary materials.

Tutor: Prof. Luigi Folco (UNIPI)

Cirilli Omar

The evolution of Genus Equus in Eurasia during the Plio-Pleistocene.

Tutor: Prof. Lorenzo Rook (UNIFI)

Donigaglia Tessa

The stone materials of the historical buildings of Florence: types, quarries, use in work and physical-mechanical characterization.

Tutor: Prof. Massimo Coli (UNIFI)

Franceschini Zara

Large explosive volcanic events and tectonic evolution of continental rift in the main Ethiopian Rift, East Africa.

Tutor: Prof. Federico Sani (UNIFI) co-tutela Università di Orleans (Fr)

Mastroianni Filippo

Understanding timescales and dynamics of volcanic plumbing system processes by micro-analytical chemical and isotopic studies on magma components.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Lorella Francalanci (UNIFI)

Peri Emanuele

The marine vertebrates from the Pietra leccese in the framework of geodynamic, oceanographic and climatic evolution of the Mediterranean Sea during the Miocene: an integrated study.

Tutor: Prof. Giovanni Bianucci (UNIPI)

Pierini Silvio

Big Data Analysis in exploration geophysics.

Tutor: Prof. Eusebio Maria Stucchi (UNIPI)

Raggiunti Martina

Interaction between active faults and migration of fluids

Tutor: Prof. Derek Boswell Keir (UNIFI)

Tinagli Luca

Tracking magmatism and metallogeny in the continental crust (Southern Tuscany) with Fe isotope systematics.

Tutor: Prof. Sergio Rocchi (UNIPI)

Torricella Fiorenza

Micropaleontologic and sedimentologic study of marine sediment cores in the Polar regions in the last 2 ka.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Caterina Morigi (UNIPI)