Master of Science in Exploration and Applied Geophysics

Geophysics concerns the study, through quantitave analysis methods, of the physical processes and physical properties of the Earth interior. 

Exploration and Applied Geophysics combines principles of (geo)physics (seismic, gravitational, magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic investigation methods) with knowledge of geology, engineering and information technology to study and characterize the Earth's subsurface at different scales. Geophysical investigations play a central role in the solution of many important societal challenges such as: the search of natural resources and renewable energy sources, the contrast to climate change, and the mitigation of natural hazards, to cite a few.

The Master of Science (MSc) in Exploration and Applied Geophysics offered by the University of Pisa is designed to train next-generation geophysicists with a solid scientific background and with a high level of geophysical expertise (more info here). Such skills will make our graduates able to face and solve different types of geophysical, geological, and engineering problems in a broad range of contexts. The course is open to all students with bachelor's degree in science or engineering, or other equivalent or superior foreign academic qualification. Admission to the Master’s Degree course is subject to a self-assessment test and to an interview (see Application) aimed to evaluate the candidate’s skills and motivations, and verify that the necessary requirements for the course are satisfied. A knowledge of the English language equivalent or superior to B2 level is desirable.

Double Degree Programme: Students enrolled in the MSc in Exploration and Applied Geophysics at the University of Pisa are eligible to apply to the "International Master in Applied and Exploration Geophysics", a double degree program between the University of Pisa and the Montan University of Leoben, in Austria (more info can be found here).