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Exploration and Applied Geophysics is a discipline that integrates physics principles and knowledges with knowledges of geology, engineering, and digital processing. It develops and applies non-invasive research methods aimed at the study of the shallow parts (from a few centimeters to a few kilometers) of the Earth and of man-made manufactures (Other Information).

The course is research-oriented and it develops through a process aimed at a deeper methodological understanding of different surveying techniques (electric, magnetic, radar, seismic, gravimetric), and of methods related to the processing, analysis and interpretation of the data (Objectives of the Degree). The principal applications are in the domains of exploration and production of energy and mineral resources, of investigation for engineering and environment, and of geological and archaeological research (Job Prospects). During the course of studies, the students will acquire hands-on experience using industry standard software and equipment.

Admission requirements: the course is open to all students with a pertinent scientific bachelor's degree, or other equivalent or superior foreign academic qualification. Our records show that past students have come from a wide range of disciplines including Geology, Physics, Telecommunications, and/or Electronics Engineering, Civil and/or Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics. Admission to the Master’s Degree course is subject to passing a test by which we evaluate the candidate’s skills and motivations, and verify that the necessary requirements for the course are satisfied. A knowledge of the English language equivalent or superior to B2 level is desirable.

Double Degree Programme: the University of Pisa and the Montan University of Leoben (Austria) have established a Double Degree Programme “International Master of Applied and Exploration Geophysics”. Students will be awarded a double diploma in Applied and Exploration Geophysics issued by the two partner Universities. Students enrolled in the Master of Science Programme in Exploration and Applied Geophysics at the University of Pisa may also apply for admission to the “International Master of Applied and Exploration Geophysics”.


  • Presentation of the Eni Master GEMS 2022-2023

    Eni will come to Pisa to present the second level master

    "Geoscience for Energy by Eni Master School" (GEMS).

    The presentation will be the 19th of May at 14:00 in room C of the Earth Science Department.

    You can also attend the presentation online on Microsoft Teams.

    Cover GEMS 22 23 1

    Calls are open for the second edition of the second level master

    "Geoscience for Energy" by Eni Master School.

    What is GEMS?

    It is an 11-month training course, entirely in English, with lectures given by academic staff from national and international universities and by Eni experts: an interdisciplinary teaching body highly oriented towards the practical application of knowledge. 

    The GEMS master’s will begin with an alignment period in order to establish a common foundation for participants with different backgrounds. The programme will include lectures, studies and experiences applied to real cases, geological field work and the preparation of a final exploration project.

    Who can apply?

    Students graduated (first level master) in Geophysics, Geology, Physics, Mathematics, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Natural and Environmental Sciences.


     - Not to be over 28 years old on the date of December 31, 2022.

     - To be graduated (by 31 July 2022) with a final mark equal or higher than 100/110 (or equivalent for foreign masters) or to have a weighted average of marks equal or higher than 27/30.

    - To be good at written and oral English.

    Save the date!

    Dead line for the application 13rd of June 2022

    Selection Test July 2022

    Starting date September 2022

    How can I apply? All the information can be find in the official page: click here or scan the QR code


    The selected candidates will be supported by a grant of 1000 euro/month (1300 euro/month for foreign students) covering the master duration (11 months).



  • Double Degree Programme IMAEG “International Master of Applied and Exploration Geophysics”: first student discussed the thesis.

    GiulianteOn Friday 8 April, Beatrice Giuliante (on the left in the picture while celebrating her graduation), by discussing her Master Thesis, becomes  the first student to graduate in the MSc according to the Double Degree Programme IMAEG “International Master of Applied and Exploration Geophysics. Beatrice has discussed a thesis entitled

    "Modelling and Elastic Inversion for time-lapse purposes in different reservoir scenarios",

    being tutored in her work by Prof. Florian Bleibinhus of Montan University in Leoben (MUL- Austria), by Prof. Mattia Aleardi of the Department of Earth Sciences (UniPI) and by Dr. Enrico Paparozzi from ENI. After completing her first year of studies in Pisa, Beatrice obtained 25 CFU in Austria in the third semester as required by the Double Degree rules, then she worked to the Thesis, with tutors from both UniPI and MUL. The international Master in Exploration and Applied Geophysics was initialed in 2018, and in Italy is coordinated by the MSc in Exploration and Applied Geophysics, supported by the Department of Earth Sciences and the Department of Physics. To date, two students from UniPI have carried out part of their studies in Austria (the thesis defense of the second student will occur in few months) and two students from Leoben have attended a semester of courses in Pisa. Beatrice is the first of these students to discuss the Master Thesis, and she is going to continue her career with a PhD at GFZ-Potsdam. Many other students are interested in this Double Degree and will be leaving early in the fall semester. Information on the Double Degree can be found here ( or by writing to .


  • Applications to the Academic year 2022/23 are now open to Non-EU and EU students

    The web portal for non-EU and EU-student applications to the next Academic Year (2021-22) is operative.

    Please visit the site:

    and follow carefully the instructions required for registration and documents uploading.

    After a positive evaluation, applicants will be informed about the enrolment procedures at the University of Pisa.
    Applications will be evaluated in three rounds; students positively evaluated in the first round will be considered for a scholarship granted by the University of Pisa.

  • Borehole Methods for Subsurface Investigations

    We are really glad to announce that the first edition of the new course Borehole Methods for Subsurface Investigations (6 ECTS, 2nd year), delivered by Prof. Davide Baldini, senior geophysicist at Eni, for the students of the Master of Science in Exploration and Applied Geophysics is going to start next week with the following time table:

  • SEG Student Chapter Seminar

    The SEG student chapter with the support of the Msc in Exploration and Applied Geophysics organizes the seminar

    “The challenges posed by Induced Seismicity in the energy transition”

    by Prof. Francesco Grigoli



    Timing and location: 4th, November 2021, from 14:00 to 15:00 (CET), room C, Earth Science Department of the University of Pisa.

    The seminar will be held in hybrid form.
    To book a seat in room C: Book your seat
    To attend the online seminar: Link to the seminar
    Dowload the flyer of the event with a short abstract of the seminar here.

    Attending the seminar will contribute to obtain ECTS for the "Other Activities".