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The Master of Science Programme was established in 2007 by the Department of Earth Sciences and the Department of Physics, with the contribution of the Department of Information Engineering, of the University of Pisa, and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the Polytechnic of Milan. The course is 2 year-long full-time, leading to the acquisition of 120 ECTS of which 40 credits are dedicated to the M.Sc. thesis work. The programme is offered in English.

Exploration and Applied Geophysics is a discipline that integrates physics principles and knowledges with knowledges of geology, engineering, and digital processing. It develops and applies non-invasive research methods aimed at the study of the shallow parts (from a few centimeters to a few kilometers) of the Earth and of man-made manufactures (Other Information).

The course is research-oriented and it develops through a process aimed at a deeper methodological understanding of different surveying techniques (electric, magnetic, radar, seismic, gravimetric), and of methods related to the processing, analysis and interpretation of the data (Objectives of the Degree). The principal applications are in the domains of exploration and production of energy and mineral resources, of investigation for engineering and environment, and of geological and archaeological research (Job Prospects). During the course of studies, the students will acquire hands-on experience using industry standard software and equipment.

Admission requirements: the course is open to all students with a pertinent scientific bachelor's degree, or other equivalent or superior foreign academic qualification. Our records show that past students have come from a wide range of disciplines including Geology, Physics, Telecommunications, and/or Electronics Engineering, Civil and/or Environmental Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics. Admission to the Master’s Degree course is subject to passing a test by which we evaluate the candidate’s skills and motivations, and verify that the necessary requirements for the course are satisfied. A knowledge of the English language equivalent or superior to B2 level is desirable.

Double Degree Programme: the University of Pisa and the Montan University of Leoben (Austria) have established a Double Degree Programme “International Master of Applied and Exploration Geophysics”. Students will be awarded a double diploma in Applied and Exploration Geophysics issued by the two partner Universities. Students enrolled in the Master of Science Programme in Exploration and Applied Geophysics at the University of Pisa may also apply for admission to the “International Master of Applied and Exploration Geophysics”.

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    Dates of Admission Tests for Academic Year 2019-2020:   

    • September 05, 10:00 AM
    • September 12, 10:00 AM
    • September 19, 10:00 AM

    The tests will be held at the 3rd floor of the Department of Earth Sciences, via S. Maria 53, PISA.

    It is necessary to register for the test writing an email to specifying the date and attaching the Previous curriculum assessment table.
    An email will confirm the registration.

    People who already passed the test in the previous weeks are excluded by this evaluation.


  • Presentation of GEMS: Geoscience for Energy - Eni Master School

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    Eni Master School will come in Pisa to present the second level master "Geoscience for Energy". The presentation will take place the 23rd of May at 15:00 in room C of the DST.


    Among the aims of the Master, the following topics are included:
    -      develop specialist skills in matters relating to the application of the geosciences in multidisciplinary and multicultural contexts, with particular focus on the research and    development of energy sources, such as hydrocarbons and other sustainable forms.
    -      strengthen cutting-edge areas of competences connected with technological innovation (e.g. big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.).

    For more information about the master, click here to download the brochure




  • NON-EU and EU-students: Application to the next Academic Year

    A new portal has been put in operation for non-EU and EU-students to applicate to the next Academic Year (2019-20). Please visit the site:

    and follow carefully the instructions required for registration and documents uploading. After a positive evaluation, applicants will be informed about enrolment procedure at the University of Pisa