XXXV CICLO (sede amministrativa Università di Firenze)

XXXV CICLO  (sede amministrativa Università di Firenze)
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Amaddii Michele

Quantitative hazard assessment by numerical modeling of flood and debris flow events.

Tutor: Prof. Pier Lorenzo Fantozzi (UNISI)

Baroni Tommaso

In-situ and operando structural characterization of Ferrates (VI) formation process and the removal mechanisms of metal contaminants in the environmental remediation field. Application to the case of Hg in solution in the Amiata area.

Tutor: Prof. Francesco Di Benedetto (UNIFI)

Belli Giacomo

Study of the seismo-acoustic energy radiation by debris flows.

Tutor: Prof. Emanuele Marchetti (UNIFI)

De Martin Mazzalon Marco

Geological-structural and geochemical-isotopic investigations of the thermal systems of Montecatini and Valdinievole (Pistoia, Central Italy).

Tutor: Prof. Enrico Pandeli (UNIFI)

Falasconi Alessia

The products of the opening phase of large explosive eruptions: toward the understanding of the modalities and rates of eruption trigger and magma ascent.

Tutor: Prof. Raffaello Cioni (UNIFI)

Festa Davide

Spatial and temporal analysis of interferometric data for ground deformation detection at regional scale.

Tutor: Prof. Nicola Casagli (UNIFI)

Franceschini Rachele

Analysis of community resilience during natural disasters using data mining on massive social network exchanges.

Tutor: Prof. Filippo Catani (UNIFI)

Gaviano Sonja

Machine Learning for seismic signal analysis.

Tutor: Dott. Carlo Giunchi (INGV Pisa)

Ishikawa Ayumu

Modeling Ground Deformation induced by Explosive Activity at Stromboli.

Tutor: Prof. Takeshi Nishimura (Tohoku Univ.), Dott. Maurizio Ripepe (UNIFI)Double Degree Agreement with Tohoku Univ., Japan

Lazzaroni Marta

Study of Hg transport inside the remediation of Abbadia San Salvatore district case study.

Tutor: Prof. Orlando Vaselli (UNIFI)

Luo Lianchao

Travertine deposits and geothermics: an epigean proxy for hypogean implications.

Tutor: Prof. Enrico Capezzuoli (UNIFI)

Luppichini Marco

Effects of climate change and anthropogenic impact on the Versilia-Pisan coastal plain: multidisciplinary approach and new technologies for sustainable development of vulnerable territories.

Tutor: Prof.ssa Monica Bini (UNIPI)

Natali Stefano

Study of the isotopic signature of meteoric and seepage waters in Tuscany related to the origin of the air masses: implications for paleohydrological reconstructions and basis for future projections.

Tutor: Prof. Giovanni Zanchetta (UNIPI)

Pasquini Giuseppe

Evaluation and sustainable utilization of shallow geothermal resource for heating and cooling in Central Italy.

Tutor: Prof. Alessandro Sbrana (UNIPI)

Paternostro Simone

Evaluation of the thermal potential of the Amiata Geothermal Field: Geochemical, Petrologic and Petrophysic data.

Tutor: Prof. Sandro Conticelli (UNIFI)

Randazzo Antonio
Biogeochemical processes affecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in volcanic and hydrothermal systems and municipal solid waste landfills.

Tutor: Prof. Franco Tassi (UNIFI)

Sanita' Edoardo

The complexity of the shallow level tectonics during continental collision: evidence from boundary between Maritime and Ligurian Alps.

Tutor: Prof. Luca Pandolfi (UNIPI)

Sepulveda Birke Jose' Pablo

Geological evolution of Ollagūe volcano, Northern Chile.

Tutor: Prof. Raffaello Cioni (UNIFI)

Tarquini Emanuele

Geostatistical analysis and seismological/geotechnical characterization of shallow subsoils in Italy.

Tutor: Prof. Dario Albarello (UNISI)

Tortelli Gianmaria

Geochemical and petrographic characterization and dating of the Stratoid Series (Afar, Ethiopia).

Tutor: Prof.ssa Anna Gioncada (UNIPI)

Vinciguerra Alessandro

Implementation and evaluation of inversion algorithms for time-lapse ERT data.

Tutor: Prof. Eusebio Maria Stucchi (UNIPI)