Webinar eni: "Carbon Capture Storage: a G&G perspective" - D. Della moretta

Webinar 22 Aprile 2021, ore 14

Il Dr. Davide Della Moretta (ENI) terrà un webinar dal titolo "Carbon Capture Storage: a G&G perspective".
Short Abstract
Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is the process of capturing, transporting and injecting CO2 into an underground geological formation. It represents an important contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases in the IEA’s Sustainable Development Scenario and an effective tool to reduce the so called ‘hard to abate’ industrial emissions.

In the first part of the presentation the technical basics of CCS will be described, including the global CCS status and some issues related to the peculiarity of CO2 phase behavior. The second part will be devoted to the geological and geophysical studies needed to guarantee the feasibility and the safety of CO2 injection operations. Modeling, monitoring and storage complex characterization will be described taking advantage of Eni’s experience in such topics.

Short Biography

Davide Della Moretta graduates in 2001 at Università Statale, Milan, with a thesis on seismic tomography. After an internship with Total, in 2005 he joins Eni as seismic processing geophysicist. In 2009-10 he works as Geophysical Operations Coordinator in Eni Pakistan. Back to Eni’s headquarters he joins the Geopressure unit as technical leader, working in seismic-derived pressure prediction and shallow hazards. In 2012 he is appointed as G&G R&D unit manager until 2015, when he moved to the Italian mineral rights unit until 2017. He is now manager of the Basin Geology Studies unit.