Giovedì 23 aprile alle h 14:00     #DSTNonSiFerma

Il seminario registra un picco di quasi 70 presenze. La registrazione del seminario sul canale YOUTube del DST

Il Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra di Pisa e il Corso Magistrale di Scienze Ambientali organizzano il webinar dal titolo:
Water and Climate Change - Main findings of the 2020 United Nations World Water Development Report. Relatore Richard Connor, (United Nations World Water Development Report, WWDR)

Breve descrizione:
The 2020 edition of the WWDR, titled ‘Water and Climate Change’ illustrates the critical linkages between water and climate change in the context of the broader sustainable development agenda. Supported by examples from across the world, it describes both the challenges and opportunities created by climate change, and provides potential responses – in terms of adaptation, mitigation and improved resilience – that can be undertaken by enhancing water resources management, attenuating water-related risks, and improving access to water supply and sanitation services for all in a sustainable manner. It addresses the interrelations between water, people, environment and economics in a changing climate, demonstrating how climate change can be a positive catalyst for improved water management, governance and financing to achieve a sustainable and prosperous world for all.
Relatore: Richard Connor, Editor-in-Chief del United Nations World Water Development Report (WWDR)

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