Cieszynska Weronika

Cieszynska Weronika

I started my studies in University of Wroclaw when I focused on paleoanthropology. After three years I obtained master in biology on Jagiellonian University. During bachelor and master studies my scientific interests mainly concentrated on human evolution and analysis of bones remains. Currently I am a part of the international PUSH project (Palaeoproteomics to Unleash the Study of Human History). In my phd I want to clarify the phylogenetic position of Oreopithecus bambolii and its relations with the Dryopithecinae from Spain.
2020-now Phd student Earth Sciences, University of Pisa, “Molecular-Based Phylogeny of Oreopithecus Bambolii”
2018-2020 Master of Biology, Institute of Zoology and Biomedical Research, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Thesis title: “ Influence of climate on Neanderthal nasal cavity”
2015-2018 Bachelor of Human Biology, Department of Biology, University of Wroclaw, Thesis title: Anatomo-anthropological analysis of early Medieval cemetery in Tyniec monastery

  • Primate evolution
  • Palaeoproteomics
  • Phylogeny of primates
  • Palaeoanthropology

Research project: Molecular-Based Phylogeny of Oreopithecus Bambolii


Professor Lorenzo Rook
Dr Luca Pandolfi
Dr David M. Alba

Weronika Karolina Cieszynska

Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
Università di Firenze
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