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Welcome to the Department of Earth Sciences

The Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Pisa (DST), located in the heart of the Pisa historic center since the beginning of the XIX century, brings together researchers from the different disciplines of the Geosciences and coordinates their research activities.

The DST's mission is two-fold:

- to contribute to the growth and promotion of the many fields of the Earth Sciences;

- to perform high level training of new generations of researchers and applied geologists

Earth Sciences is a broad discipline that uses many aspects of physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology to the study of earth processes and environments. 

The research activities carried out at DST covers most of the research themes in the Earth Sciences: paleontology and stratigraphy,  structural geology, geomorphology, mineralogy, petrography and petrology, geochemistry, volcanology, and applied geophysics.

Researchers from DST are involved in many national and international collaborations that are based on a strong network of departmental and university laboratories, and they benefit of public national (Italian Minister of University and Scientific Research), regional (i.e. Tuscany Region funds from the POR-FSE Program), and international funds (i.e. European Community research program), as well as funds from private national and foreign companies. Master and PhD students are deeply involved in research activities and constitute a fundamental 



The research activities of the DST are based on a  These investigations are carried out with the participation of key PhD students and research fellows of the Department. Even the master's degree thesis are included in the various projects underway in DST, allowing undergraduates to participate in a real research of basic or applied.

Based on the final report of the project Quality Assessment Research (VQR) 2004-2010, the area of ​​Earth Sciences, University of Pisa, in fact coincides with the DST, is the second largest among the similar structures of the large universities in the rankings based on indicators of quality of scientific research. DST is placed in evidence for other parameters, in the first place the quality of the recruitment. The results of the VQR 2004-2010 and confirmed the excellence of the scientific research carried out in Pisa in the field of Earth Sciences.