Welcome to the Department of Earth Sciences

Research and education at DST cover most of the disciplinary lines in the Earth Sciences. Key topics include: processes of subduction and mountain building, geology of earthquakes, volcanic activity and risk prevention, climate change and evolution, evolution of glaciers, planetary geology and study of meteorites - a special attention is taken to the understanding of the impacts of these different aspects on societal life.

Researchers from DST are involved in many national and international collaborations that are based on a strong network of departmental and university laboratories, and they benefit of public national (Italian Minister of University and Scientific Research), regional (i.e. Tuscany Region funds from the POR-FSE Program), and international funds (i.e. European Community research program), as well as funds from private national and foreign companies. Research activity benefits of the fundamental and enthusiastic support of Italian and International master and PhD students, who are actively involved in research and student assistanship.