XXXVI CICLO (sede amministrativa Università di Pisa)

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Carvalho Lannes Galvão Fonseca Júlia 

Potential geohazards along the Brazilian Equatorial Margin – Insights from offshore data across the Potiguar Basin

Tutor: Prof.ssa Paola Vannucchi (UNIFI)

Centauro Irene

Monitoring and predictive diagnostics of physical and mechanical decay phenomena of  in natural and artificial stone architectural elements: integrated methodology for the protection and risk prevention in Cultural Heritage.

Tutor: Prof. Carlo Alberto Garzonio (UNIFI)

Cieszynska Weronika Karolina 

Molecular-Based Phylogeny of Oreopithecus bambolii

Tutor: Prof. Lorenzo Rook (UNIFI)

Franceschi Linda

Groundwater dynamic in different hydrogeological and environmental contexts: study of physical-chemical processes in aquifers and their sensitivity to climate and anthropic  forcings

Tutor: Dott. Marco Doveri (CNR)

Gheri Duccio

Study of sustained volcanic explosive activity from the analysis of long range infrasound array data.

Tutor: Prof. Emanuele Marchetti (UNIFI)

Iannini Lelarge Stefano

Dynamics and timescales of planetary differentiation in the early Solar System: insights from chondrite melting experiments

Tutor: Prof. Matteo Masotta (UNIPI)

 Maccelli Chiara

Natural and anthropogenic contributions of heavy metals from suspended solids, sediments, and fresh waters from the Valdinievole sub-basin, Padule di Fucecchio and Usciana River (Tuscany, Italy)

Tutor: Dott.ssa Barbara Nisi (CNR)

Merella Marco

3D technologies and virtual reality for the study and museum valorisation of marine vertebrate fossils from the Pliocene of Tuscany

Tutor: Prof. Giovanni Bianucci (UNIPI)

Musetti Silvia

Crystal-chemistry of Sb minerals and their geological significance

Tutor: Prof. Cristian Biagioni (UNIPI)

Nigro Matteo

Processes induced by fires on geo-hydrological conditions and on water resources in the Monte Pisano area

Tutor: Prof. Roberto Giannecchini (UNIPI)

Nocentini Nicola

Analysis of the influence of rainfall and vegetation in the spatial and temporal forecast of landslides through machine learning approach

Tutor: Prof. Riccardo Fanti (UNIFI)

Pasquetti Francesca

History of trace metals pollution in the Central Mediterranean basin: natural background vs. anthropic modifications.

Tutor: Prof. Giovanni Zanchetta (UNIPI)

Poneti Giovanni

The late-collisional basins of the northern Apennines, from origin to resource: integrated seismo-stratigraphic and surface geology analysis of the Valdelsa and Valdera basins (Central Tuscany, Italy) 

Tutor: Prof. Marco Benvenuti (UNIFI)

Sassenroth Cynthia Victoria

Characteristics of terrestrial groundice, cryopegs and brines in permafrost environments and their implications for Martian habitability.

Tutor: Prof. Carlo Baroni (UNIPI)

Scateni Bianca

Tephrochronology as a tool for dating and correlating geological, palaeoclimate and archaeological records

Tutor: Dott. Alessio Di Roberto (INGV) 

Tanzini Anna

Development and application of fast geophysical procedures for local seismic hazard assessment

Tutor: Prof. Dario Albarello (UNISI) 

Valeriani Lucrezia

The Mt Amiata-Radicofani volcanoes: a window into the subcontinental lithospheric mantle

Tutor: Prof. Simone Tommasini (UNIFI)