First cycle (Bachelor) degree programmes


The Bachelor in Earth Sciences belongs to the Italian University Bachelors, Class L-34. It is a methodological-type degree aimed at providing a large-spectrum of basic knowledge in Earth Sciences. The Bachelor Degree gives direct access to the Master courses in Earth Sciences and Technologies. Graduated students may become Junior Geologists, after passing the State examination, or access to the Master degree. The Bachelor Degree lasts three years and is articulated in several learning activity including basic educational activities, characterizing activities, supplementary and associated activities, educational activities chosen by students and training plus final test.


The Degree Program in Environmental and Natural Sciences is designed to introduce students to the knowledge, enhancing and protecting of the environment, on the whole of its different biotic and abiotic components. Specific objective of the course is to provide an adequate theoretical and practical training that allows to understand the different problems of the natural and human environments, contributing to actions for their conservation and sustainable use.

Second cycle (Master) programmes


The MS in Earth Sciences and Technologies is a specialized degree aimed at providing a solid knowledge of all the branches of Geology. The degree is not subdivided into standard curricula since the student can plan its own didactic path choosing courses, practical activities and dissertation topics among three major groups of disciplines: A1 – Geochemistry, Volcanology, Petrology, Mineralogy and Earth Resources; A2 – Stratigraphy, Structural Geology, Sedimentology and Palaeontology; A3 – Applied Geology, Physical Geography and Geomorphology. MS graduate students may become Senior Geologists after passing the State exam.


The MSc program in Exploration and Applied Geophysics has the objective of preparing student with a solid background on classical physics and mathematics the limitations of the geophysical methods of investigation. They will be able to use the existing physical, mathematical, and computational methodologies that together the related geosciences and engineering methods, allow for an effective exploration of the Earth, at various spatial and temporal scales, for either scientific or application purposes.


The Degree Programme in Environmental Sciences has the objective of preparing students with a robust scientific background and the skill of applying it to the resolution of environmental problems. They will be able to evaluate the interactions between the different components of the environmental systems and to employ the suitable methods and technologies for environmental protection.


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