Director of Department: Prof. Michele Marroni
Deputy director: Prof. Carlo Baroni
Head of Administration of the Department: Dr. Stefania Milella
Deputy Head of Administration of the Department: Dr. Gabriella Verugi

Headquarters: Via S. Maria, 53 56126 Pisa
Phone: +39 050 2215700 - Fax: +39 050 2215800

The Department Council is made up of professors with tenure, research and the administrative secretary, four representatives of the administrative staff of the role and service in the Department, by the representative of the personnel elected to the Board, two representatives of the doctoral students and assignees Scholarship of the University; three representatives of students attending the Department, including two of the Bachelor of Science in Geology and a Bachelor of Natural Sciences; they intervene in the Department Council limited the organization of educational and related services.

The council is a body responsible for coordination and investigation, are part of the Director of the department, who presides and convenes, the Deputy Director, two representatives of the professors of Ia-end, two representatives of the professors of IIa-end, two representatives of researchers , a student representative, a representative of the PhD students and fellows, the Administrative Secretary (including the post tax inspectors) and a representative of the administrative staff elected in the same manner provided for the election of representatives of the administrative staff in the Council of Department.

The members of the Board: Albani Roberto - Baroni Carlo - Anna Coppola - D'Amato Giacomo Avanzi - Michele Marroni - Alfredo Mazzotti - Milella Stefania - Marta Pappalardo - Petrini Riccardo - Ragaini Luca - Sbrana Alessandro

The joint committee is chaired by the Director of the Department or his delegate and consists of a number of members equal to 12% of the members of the board rounded to the top, up to a maximum of sixteen, half teachers and half students . Tasks of the Joint Committee are 1) monitoring of the training and the quality of teaching and of service to students by professors and researchers, 2) identifying the indicators for evaluating the results of such assets, 3) formulation opinions on activation and suppression of curricula, regulations and ordinances on the courses of study, the consistency between the credits assigned to training activities and the specific objectives of the course of study and 4) development of the annual report relating to ' development of educational activities, based on the reports submitted by individual study courses.

The members of the Joint Commission: Carlo Baroni - Patrizia Macera - Alfredo Mazzotti - Marta Pappalardo - Andrea Bertola - Riccardo Graziani - Nicola Spagnoli - Pietro Spataro